OMG. I Can Quit PowerPoint?

by Shelley Ryan on August 4, 2010 · 11 comments

Last week I heard about this cool presentation app: Prezi. The website says, “Create astonishing presentations live and on the web.”  The demo made it look easy-peasy to use.

I played around a bit and then happily forked over $159 for the one-year Pro license.  This lets me create my own Prezis online or from my desktop.

Here’s my first rough creation…

Before you get all excited, let me briefly explain how I did this, because it wasn’t ALL done with Prezi.

  1. I made my Prezi — that’s the words and images you see, and the “path” you travel along the presentation.
  2. I used Camtasia to record the screen as I moved through the Prezi, capturing my voice narration at the same time.
  3. I used Audacity to edit a royalty-free music track that I wanted to play in the background. (Yeah, I know it’s a little too loud.  I could fix that…)
  4. I opened Camtasia again and dropped in the music track, then I published it to as a Flash video.
  5. I pasted the appropriate HTML code from Screencast so you could see the results here.

I’ve only begun to explore what you can do with Prezi, and I’m really stoked about it. What do you think so far?