Webinars are only good for… what?

by Shelley Ryan on February 23, 2011 · 2 comments

In case you thought webinars were only about software or social media… here is a sample of the webinar topics I saw tweeted this afternoon:

  • Functional oncology
  • Spring construction forecast
  • EAB info for homeowners
  • Electrostatic control
  • Negotiating a deal through email
  • The virtualization blame game
  • Virtual assistant fee strategies
  • Digital teaching
  • Visual meetings
  • Homotoxicology, detoxification and the 6 cellular defense phases
  • Progressive food trends
  • Manifesting by sending love
  • The combined effects of the proposed advice regulation and 408(b)(2)
  • Church tax law
  • Digestive health
  • Process improvement project management
  • Top IT infrastructure priorities
  • Cracking the memory bandwidth challenge
  • Iowa rainfall
  • Acquired resistance to oral EGFR inhibitors
  • Overcoming compassion fatigue
  • Breakthrough products on wellness
  • How to trade the Euro currency
  • Financing fundamentals for auto & RV finance managers
  • How to run a conjoint analysis project
  • Cost of wind energy, project financing, and funding
  • How to see through the “muddiest concepts” of patent law
  • Successful chamber of commerce membership
  • Five regions in Mexico for aerospace and aeronautic
  • Data integrity

Most of these were offered for free.  (I wonder if any were decent?)

What’s the weirdest webinar topic YOU’VE seen out there?

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Lindiwe Coyne March 22, 2011 at 11:09 am

Pet telepathy?


Shelley Ryan March 22, 2011 at 11:45 am

Good one, Lindiwe! I actually participated in an animal communications telecourse over a year ago with Bridget Pilloud. She’s remarkable! Call it “woo woo” stuff if you will, but I was able to find out from a golden retriever that his favorite food was eggs. And my schnauzer clearly told other class members that his newest trick was to stand on two legs and turn in circles. No WAY to fake that info!

I’m hoping that someday I can help Bridget offer some of her intuitive lessons via webinar instead of phone. (Bridget, are you listening??)


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