Three Surefire Ways to Get Killer Content from Your Presenters

When: Pretty much anytime
Cost: $20.79 after some creative accounting
Speaker: Shelley Ryan, Chief Sharpshooter at Killer Webinars, LLC

This is one of nineteen (yes, I said 19!) juicy topics in the Content Marketing Crash Course from MarketingProfs University. Yours truly is among the line-up of notable experts like Ann Handley, David Meerman Scott, Nancy Duarte, and John Jantsch. Sweet, eh?

These 30-60 minute presentations were recorded in October 2011 so you can watch them whenever you like. The whole shebang is $595, but you’ll only pay $395 off if you register with my secret KILLERVIP coupon code. (Already a MarketingProfs PRO member? For you, it’s a measly $237!) A pocket calculator tells me that’s only $20.79 for quality know-how from each high-caliber expert. And that doesn’t even count the extra freebies, mind you.

As the former webinar diva at MarketingProfs myself, I know you’ll walk away with content marketing ideas worth at LEAST ten times the price of admission. Don’t wait too long — this crash course comes off the grocery shelf after October 2012.

I’m blushing! What people said about my presentation:

“Great run through of how to create and get the best results from a webinar.”
“Expert advice on how to work with presenters by type and how to create a pre-recorded presentation that works exceptionally well.”
“If you’re thinking about webinars for your company, you’ve got to listen to this. Shelley is an expert and she shows you a process that doesn’t have to scare you witless.”
“Thinking of doing a webinar — you have to hear Shelley Ryan and what she says about it — she is definitely right on target and an amazing presenter herself.”
“Very informative, I had no idea you can do all of those things with webinars.”
“This was probably the best 30 minute seminar so far. Extremely well put together and good for practical tips.  Also, it was funny. Great expertise.”
“Awesome — Shelley really knows what she is talking about!”
“Zounds — this is great!  Love all the “how” …and you gave me lots of good ideas on what I need to do when I make my debut. THANK YOU!”

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